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Azima Investment Opportunity

Our journey began in 2021. Armed with an idea and vision, we set out into the unkwnown to create a better world with our decentralised finance application. We’ve done what we can, and honestly we’re proud to have come this far. But we’re not stopping there. Now we need friends to help us on our journey and share in our success. We are seeking pre-seed investment from VC’s and angels to help us get to the next step and launch our disruptive d’app. 

Our Mission Statement

To create and launch the Azima token & d’app, that enables P2P transactions and allows the common person to have access to additional banking services without the need of centralized authorities. We want to improve financial inclusion and social empowerment across the world by harnessing the power of Web3 technology &  decentralised finance


Minted Tokens
Azima 100%
Registered Users
P2P Traders 40%
P2P Transactions
Clickable Prototype 60%
Registered Company
10'000 Shares 100%

De-fi P2P is the future of finance!

Azima is a token and d’app allowing P2P transactions, crypto loans and business payment solutions. 

Would you like to back under represented black female founders?

A report by Extended Ventures reveal that Black founders in the UK receive just 0.24%, while Black female founders receive 0.02% of the total venture capital invested over the past 10 years!

{Source: Extended Ventures, diversity beyond gender report}.



Segun is a professional DevOps Engineer from London and thrives in contract, goal oriented project work. He has an impressive career with large companies including Fujitsu and Booking. He has experience of running publishing and fitness companies. 



Teri has 1.5 years of professional P2P trading experience on Binance specialising in the USDT/KES trading pair. She has completed over 1200 trades and is rated 5/5. She has provided a wealth of knowledge for day to day operations and provided great ideas for scaling the business.

Investment Goal


Thank you for visiting the investment page of Azima. We are at an exciting juncture of our roadmap and the next 12 months will be exciting and hopefully groundbreaking. We are seeking pre-seed funding of £500K-1M to help us on phase 3 of our roadmap. I truly believe in decentralised finance and want to use it to create a better fairer banking system, based on trust, care and transparency. If I could explain my concept to you, I would say this…. Facebook in my opinion is the king of social media platforms. It is one of the oldest with amazing functionality. As we know, it has profiles, messaging, groups, photos, posts, e.t.c

However Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter) small microcosms of Facebook, were able to amass staggering popularity and revenue after launching. P2P to Binance, is what Instagram and Twitter are to Facebook. P2P in my opinion is an untapped part of the market and one that has staggering potential and growth. By focusing our attention and skills on P2P networks, we can become market leaders and disrupt the industry. I am seeking Venture Capitalists who believe in our mission, see potential in our team and want to help us with our funding requirements and access to their professional network. Thanks for your time. I hope to see you on the other side.


"Very excited to kick start your idea and I look forward to introducing you to the rest of the team."
Matthew Bould
Hyper Apps
Blockchain at its core is decentralized, so crypto business models should also mirror that structure. With our P2P transactions & crowdfunded crypto loans, we mirror it very well!


Phone: TBC
Email: segun
Address: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU
Company Registration: 14778323